Tru-Sonics Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector offers you all the features of larger, heavier
instruments, such as high resolution with the usual high gain reserve .In addition to this, the
instruments ease work by the inclusion of extras. For example in weld testing the exact flaw location
is evaluated; all features are available for demanding thickness measurements.
User-friendly programs for display evaluation with Distance Amplitude Curves (DAC) and for AVG
evaluation are available.
The weight 1.75kg, including batteries!
The ergonomic design and operational ease will amaze you.
Color TFT display. A bright, high contrast screen enables you to read your measurements data even
under poor lighting conditions. The A-Scan, the instrument settings and the digital measurement readings
are all displayed simultaneously.You can also have a selected measurement reading display in large numerals.
The instruments can withstand the toughest conditions because they are dustproof and are resistant against powerful impacts.
After testing, you will certainly wish to use the many documentation possibilities to record all calibration
parameters and test results.
The high refresh rate (60HZ) of the bright and high-contrast TFT screen is reminiscent of the successful
analog tubes.
You can read your measurement readings quickly and clearly. If a measurement is made when you are at
some distance from your instrument, simply display the reading in large digits.
The pulse repetition frequency can be reduced. By doing this, phantom echoes can be reliable avoided
which could occur when testing larger test objects.
The instrument can store data sets, including all instrument parameters, test results and A-Scans and can
be recalled as well as printed at any time.
You soon feel at ease, because you operate them in accordance with your proven standards for digital instruments.
* AC mains adapter/battery charger
* Batteries (inside)
* Operating manual disc (English)
* Hard Carry case/
* Soft equipment protect bag/
* Extra Batteries/
* Battery charger/
* USB/RS232 Data transfer cable and software for documentation and data filing/
* Hard Carry case
* Soft equipment protect bag
* Battery (inside)
* Operating manual disc (English)
* Battery charger
* USB/RS232 Data transfer cable
* Software for documentation and data filing
* Ultrasonic 2 x cable and 2 x probe
* 2 x LEMO00 equivalent - LEMO1 equivalent cable
* 1 x contact straight 12mm
* 1 x angle bean probe 8x9mm probe
High resolution TFT display
Large thickness display
DAC curve
Optional Distance Varied Gain
Positive, negative, and minimum depth alarms
Filled waveform trace display
Freeze mode
Peak memory mode
Separately Gate A and Gate B setting
Echo-Echo measurement
Peak or flank measurement
RF display
Encoder B-scan
Pulse Repetition frequency Control
Standard Dual Gate with alarm
Superior minimum Thickness Range
Fast 60Hz display update rate
Displays sound path leg and its value, surface distance and depth to flaw for angle beam inspections
Large Thcikness display
Spare Battery can on-Side charge direct through AC/DC charger
Calibration range:From 25 to 6000 mm (steel long).
Sound velocity:2 fixed values(3240m/s,5920m/s) and adjustable in the range 1000 to 9999m/s in steps of 1m/s.
Probe delay: 0 to 365
Gain:100dB, adjustable in steps of 1/2/6/12, also can set up the step gain you need.
Frequency range:0.5-10 MHz wide band
Pulse repetition frequency:10-1000Hz, depending on the set calibration range and the probe delay for adjustable
Test methods:Pulse echo mode and Thru mode
Damping: 200 ohm
Echo presentation:Full wave, RF
Suppression:Linear, 0 to 90% screen height adjustable in steps of 1%, status indication on the display
DAC:Recording of up to 8 reference echoes, 40dB dynamic range,
Display of the DAC curve 3 or 4 DAC curve can be setting
Data storage:1000 set.nbsp;A-scan Trace Data sets in the FLASH memory, with additional alphanumeric identification and
directory function.
Units of measure: mm or inch
Direct documentation:Hardcopy (contents of display), active measurement reading, test report or thickness report, via the
RS-232 interface to computer.
Interface:RS-232 C (bidirectional) or USB for PC computer.
Analog output:Proportional voltage for amplitude and sound path of the echo in the gate; TTL signal for gate alarm
Probe connector:Two LEMO1equivalent compatible connectors
Power supply:Removable 8800mAh/7.2V Li-ion Battery
or mains supply via an external mains power/charger unit JBD15-A2S
Operational period: 6-8nbsp;hours with Battery ( select LCD low bright )
Battery charge indication: On the display
Display size:Screen: 112mmx98mm (LxW)
Dimensions:238mmx158mmx52mm (LxWxD)
Weight:1.75Kg for Tru-Sonic
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