دانسیتومتر( چگالی سنج )

دانسیتومتر( چگالی سنج ): وسیله ای برای اندازه گیری چگالی نوری فیلم پرتونگاری شده

مدل دستگاه ها به شرح زیر میباشد :

دانسیتومتر مدل Digit-X انگلستان

– رنچ چگالی:  0-4 D
– دقت اندازه گیری:  ± 0.05 D
– وضوح: 0.01 D
– وزن:  175 gr 
– ابعاد دستگاه: 210*60*40 mm


 دانسیتومتر( چگالی سنج )

 DIGIT-X Densitometer

Specification: The DIGIT-X Densitometer is a hand held transmission densitometer combining ease of use

with high accuracy and repeatability  The fine fibre-optic probe allows small areas of film to be measured accurately with readings being displayed on the large clear LCD panel to 2 decimal  Battery usage is minimal and a low battery warning indicator is provided on the digital display.
In use the probe is placed on the illuminated film viewer and the “Zero” button momentarily pressed. The digital display will read 0.00. The instrument is then placed on the film and the density readings obtained.

Range: 0-4D
Accuracy: + or – 0.05D
Fibre Optic Aperture: 3 m.m
Resolution: 0.01D
Repeatability: 0.02D
Power Supply: 9V PP3 Battery
Battery Life: 2,500 hours
Backlit Version: 250 hours
Dimensions (Instrument): 210 x 60 x 40mm.
Dimensions (Inst & Case): 235 x 210 x 70mm
Weight (Instrument): 175 grms
Weight (Inst & Case): 675 grms

Re-Calibration service is available for this product


 دانسیتومتر مدل DTM-500

دانسیتومتر مدل DTM-500 ساخت کمپانی NDT Supply امریکا

مشخصات فنی   دانسیتومتر مدل DTM-500:

روزنه اندازه گیری2 mm

محدوده اندازه گیری: 0.00 تا 5.00 D

دقت : ±0.02 D یا 1%

تکرارپذیری±0.01 D

زمان گرم شدن: –  منبع توان: 25W,220V,50~60

وزن : (2.1 kg)

ابعاد : (260 mm)×( 265 mm)×( 110 mm).

جهت کسب اطلاعات بیشتر لطفا با واحد فروش  شرکت پترو پژوهش خاورمیانه تماس حاصل فرمائید.



  دانسیتومتر Eseco SM-14


دانسیتومتر ایسکو امریکا

The Speedmaster® SM-14 Digital Densitometer is designed to meet the need for an accurate and affordably priced instrument to measure any film directly from a viewer. The benefit of over 46 years of ESECO’s experience in designing and building reliable quality instruments has been applied to the portable SM-14.

The proprietary technology employed assures instant, accurate and repeatable results that rivals the same high standards of more expensive units. Featuring total accuracy of +/- .02 from 0.00 to 4.00 Optical Density.

Low power consuming components and extended battery life feature are provided in the automatic “stand-by” mode.

The rugged durability, minimal drift and no warm up time provide fast dependable readings. With the film on your viewer, place the SM-14’s “EASY READ” probe over the area to be read then push the read button.. The large digital meter instantly displays the reading. It will return to the energy saving “stand-by” mode automatically.

Backed by ESECO’s established ONE YEAR “NO HASSLE” WARRANTY makes the Speedmaster SM-14 the ideal cost-effective choice for reading film on a viewer

  • Measuring Range 0.00 to 4.00 D
  • Accuracy ± 0.02 D / Repeatability ± 0.01 D
  • NoWarm-up Time
  • Portable Power Source (9-volt Alkaline Battery Included)
  • Weight 5.9 oz. / 167.2 grams
  • Dimensions Height: 2.5 Inches (6.35 cm) / Width: 1.5 Inches (3.81 cm)Length: 4.75 Inches / (12.06 cm)

 جهت مشاوره در مورد خرید دانسیتومتر لطفا با شماره های زیر تماس حاصل فرمائید:

02177130687 الی 8



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